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How to claim VAT refund Dubai airport terminal 1?

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vat refund dubai airport terminal 1


Claiming the VAT refunds in Dubai could be a complicated issue, although it just appeared throughout the last few years since 2018 by the UAE government. The VAT rule is implemented to have a payback of 5% of the value for the particular good purchased even if it’s just food. Moreover, claiming the VAT refunds in Dubai enables individuals to receive a rate of 85% on the VAT they have paid for. 

That’s why, during the VAT claim refund process, a particular cost of 4.80 AED is deducted from the total refund amount per tax-free tag in Dubai. As claiming the VAT refunds isn’t limited for tourists only, instead all residents are complied to this rule. However, tourists can enjoy tax-free shopping for goods that will be exported after leaving the UAE. 

From this point, businesses tend to sign up for the “Tax Refund for Tourists Scheme” to get their refunds claimed from the goods exported outside the UAE boundaries.

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Dubai Tax-free shopping

Tax-free shopping is applied to all goods that are exported out of the country by land, sea, or air for the advantage of getting the money back and shopping with tax-free. Additionally, there are particular shops with VAT options in some cities only in the UAE, while other general VAT refunds cover all of the UAE.

That’s why the UAE government assigned a specialized system for handling all VAT rules and shops registered for these rules, alongside with users claiming the VAT refunds. This system is ( that makes the whole plan for facilitating claiming refunds for tourists.

As well, there are specific requirements for being eligible to VAT refund Dubai terminal 1, so that tourists can request refunds for items with validated export tags in order to be claimed within one year after the date of export validation.

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VAT refund Dubai Airport terminal 1: Eligible Requirements  

vat refund dubai airport terminal 1

The eligible requirements for tourists to comply with the tax-free shopping for Dubai VAT refund includes:

  • Aged 18 or above.
  • Spending a minimum of 250 AED for purchases.
  • Confirming to shop assistants that you are registered on the program of tax compensation for purchasing goods.
  • The visa and passport or GCC ID should be presented when purchasing in the VAT Refund system.
  • The digital form of the receipt must be valid for 3 months at least after purchasing the sales units from one of the Planet Payment kiosks across Dubai airport three terminals.
  • There’s a necessity to scan the QR code or enter the passport number for choosing the preferable VAT refund method.

That’s how everything is complied with claiming VAT refunds for tourist purchasing goods for being exported outside the UAE. But there’s a specific way to do the steps of Dubai terminal 1 VAT refund.

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VAT refund Dubai Airport terminal 1: The way it works

The UAE VAT Refund process operates through a wide range of the most popular retail outlets that are over 13,800 participating stores for the VAT refund in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates. That’s why, these stores establish a direct link between 13 entry and exit points throughout the UAE whether ports, air, and land transportation. 

From this point, there’s an availability of Self-Service Kiosks that are connected in this whole circuit, that can facilitate the tax refund process for eligible tourist shoppers through automated procedures to claim their tax refunds before departing the UAE.

For completing these procedures, there are two steps that should be followed for claiming the amount of VAT refunds:

  • Requesting a Tax-Free purchase as mentioned above from the shopkeeper to initiate the whole refund procedures.
  • Validating the purchases at the points of exit for collecting the VAT refund. Because it will be needed when paying the full amount to the shopkeeper, including taxes incurred. So that the refunded VAT portion is typically claimed with a 5% of the total amount not the full amount.

After heading to the exit points in Dubai International Airport, there will be a need to know the VAT refund Dubai Airport Terminal 1 location. In order to find the location of VAT refund Dubai airport terminal 1 number, it will be found at Gate D12, Upper level at Airside Departure at train exit near Dubai Duty Free.

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Scheme of VAT refund Dubai Airport Terminal 1

vat refund dubai airport terminal 1
vat refund dubai airport terminal 1

To follow the scheme of VAT refund Dubai Airport Terminal 1 status, there are some points need to be taken into consideration, that are:

  • Validation at the designated point should be done before checking in the luggage.
  • Being a participant in the VAT program is a must for proceeding all procedures.
  • The allowed amount of VAT refund Dubai Airport Terminal 1 is 7000 AED per person.
  • The process of VAT refund tax payment is fully digital. 

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Conclusion: The way of claiming VAT refund Dubai airport terminal 1!

Claiming VAT refund at Dubai airport terminals could be a hassle and tiring process. But if it’s done carefully through taxation professionals, the whole process would be enjoyable and smooth. That’s why, it’s necessary to get the aid of a taxation agency consultancy to ensure that the procedures are done successfully and effortlessly.  

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How much time does it take for claiming the VAT refunds if I’m staying in the UAE?

In case you are staying in the UAE after making the purchase, the money will be refunded through VAT claiming rules in no longer than 3 months from the date of the purchase.

How long can I stay after validating the goods that should be exported outside the UAE?

It’s a must to take your flight after only 6 hours at maximum of the time that the refunded goods have been successfully validated at the exit points.

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