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Corporate Tax in Dubai

Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company is a Certified Tax Agent by the Federal Tax Authority) in UAE. Our team of qualified Tax consultants, Accountants and Advisors has the expertise to ensure you receive the optimal Corporate Tax in Dubai services to help you comply with Tax laws and regulations in UAE.

What is Dubai Corporate Tax?

In January 2022, Ministry of Finance announced that it will introduce federal Corporate tax (CT) on the net profits of businesses. CT will become applicable either on 1 July 2023 or on 1 January 2024, depending on the financial year followed by the business. 

Businesses across all emirates will become subject to UAE Corporate Tax from the beginning of their first financial year that starts on or after 1 June 2023 in accordance with the UAE Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022 on taxation of corporations and businesses. The UAE aims to ensure its position as a prominent global hub for business, achieve its strategic objectives by accelerating its development and transformation and emphasize its commitment to international standards for tax transparency and preventing deleterious tax practices.

The Federal Tax Authority has provided an online portal for taxpayers to register for corporate tax in the UAE. The portal can be used for tax registration, filing, refunds, and deregistration. Alsun tax advisors will offer you tailored CT services starting from planning to registration processes and return filing.

UAE Corporate Tax in Dubai

Dubai Corporate Tax will apply to:

  • All businesses have activities under a commercial license in the UAE.
  •  Free zone businesses.
  • Foreign entities and individuals only if they conduct a trade or business in the UAE continuously or regularly.
  • Businesses engaged in construction, real estate, development, agency and brokerage activities.
  • Banking operations.

UAE Corporate Tax will not apply to:

  • An individual earnings salary, whether received from the public or the private sector.
  • A foreign investor’s income is earned from dividends, capital gains, interest, royalties and other investment returns.
  • Interest and other income earned by an individual from bank deposits or saving schemes.
  • Investment in real estate by individuals in their personal capacity.
  • Dividends, capital gains and other income earned by individuals from owning shares or other securities in their personal capacity.

Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company offer CT advisory services to all businesses and individuals in UAE. Our team ensures you remain within your regulatory requirements, with all tasks completed accurately and in a timely manner. We can help you tackle all changes in Tax laws and regulations in UAE.

Corporate Tax Advisory

Corporate Tax Planning

Corporate Tax Registration

Corporate Tax Return Filing

Tax Compliance Review

Tax  Impact Assessment

Should you have any inquiries regarding UAE Corporate Tax, feel free to contact us today for more information.

Ensure Compliance With Corporate Tax In Dubai

Navigating the complex tax landscape in the UAE is an inevitable challenge that faces all businesses and corporations expanding their base of operations in Dubai and other emirates. Effectively managing your business tax in Dubai requires an in-depth understanding of constantly evolving rules and procedures, which is the expertise of corporate tax consultants like Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company. 

Dubai corporate income taxes have a flat rate applying to net profits and with companies occupied with operating the technical side of the business, they need dependable UAE corporate tax consultants. Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company fills all tax compliance gaps by bundling all-encompassing services for your corporate tax management. We have experienced licensed professionals who maintain up-to-date intelligence on policy and systematically handle all facets of client tax responsibilities year-round.

By partnering with Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company for the management of your Dubai company tax, you are essentially increasing your company’s core competencies. Here are some of the merits of contacting us:

We have a team of highly qualified professionals who possess extensive knowledge and expertise in corporate tax regulations in Dubai, staying up to date with the latest tax laws and regulations to provide accurate and reliable guidance to businesses.

We offer tax planning services to optimize your corporate tax position, analyze your financial situation, identify available deductions and incentives, and provide strategic advice to help you minimize tax liabilities and maximize tax savings.

Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company understands the importance of timely tax filing and we work diligently to prepare and file your corporate tax returns within the specified deadlines, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Dubai tax authorities.

We value our clients and provide personalized support throughout the corporate tax compliance process, all while staying responsive to your queries and concerns and offering guidance and assistance whenever needed.

Corporate tax compliance can be complex and Alsun ensures that your business complies with all relevant tax regulations, including timely filing of tax returns and accurate reporting, and helping you avoid potential penalties.

We offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, Alsun will work closely with you to develop a tax compliance strategy that aligns with your business goals and maximizes tax efficiencies.

Tailored Packages That Suit Your Needs

Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company is not only a capable tax partner that helps your business succeed in the ever-flourishing markets of the UAE, but our financial-handling services including bookkeeping and taxation management in the UAE help you keep pace with any tax code even when laws periodically change. Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company aims to provide tailored solutions to ensure maximum value and support for your financial needs.

Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company ensures tax compliance execution with strategic oversight, freeing your time and effort to handle operation tasks within the business. Our expertise, resource commitments, and regional connectivity are invaluable assets that lighten your administrative load and mitigate regulatory risks.

A specialized firm of Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company’s standing can handle all your responsibilities regarding compliance with your Dubai business tax, delivering high-quality, cost-effective services that give clients assurance rules are correctly followed. We offer a comprehensive range of services to assist businesses in managing their bookkeeping, taxation, and financial needs.

Payroll Processing

  • Accurate and timely payroll processing, including salary calculations, deductions, and tax withholdings
  • Preparation and distribution of payslips to employees
  • Compliance with payroll-related tax regulations

Tax Services

  • Tax consultation and planning to optimize tax efficiency
  • Preparation and filing of various tax returns
  • Assistance with tax audits and dispute resolution
  • Advice on tax implications of business transactions

Business Advisory Services

  • Business performance evaluation
  • Customized advice on business growth strategies, market expansion, and profitability improvement
  • Financial modeling, investment analysis, and business valuation

Bookkeeping Services

  • Recording and maintaining financial transactions
  • General ledger maintenance
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Preparation of financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements
  • Assistance with financial data analysis and reporting

VAT Registration

  • Assistance with the VAT registration process, including guidance on eligibility and documentation requirements
  • Ongoing support to ensure compliance with VAT regulations
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns
  • Advice on VAT implications and assistance in maintaining proper records for VAT compliance

Financial Reporting and Analysis

  • Preparation of customized financial reports tailored to the specific needs of the business
  • Analysis of financial data to provide insights into business performance and trends
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and financial modeling

Lead Your Business With Confidence

Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company is the best UAE corporate tax consultant you can find because we keep track of tax law reforms with dedicated resources, effectively tracking them to guarantee compliance with laws of company taxes in Dubai. Our specialized support protects your business’s long-term interests and lays a solid regulatory foundation for growth.

We handle your company tax in Dubai by ensuring you don’t miss filing deadlines, make errors on returns, or fail an audit, mitigating the risks of monetary penalties or frozen accounts. Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company has the resources to maintain local authority relationships and cultural considerations. 

We also personalize our services by tailoring our solutions and support level to meet your unique business needs. With customized tax solutions, Alsun can maintain a steady cash flow and enhance your brand image through careful handling of your company taxes in Dubai.

Manage Your Taxes Professionally

Partnering with a leading agency like Alsun allows businesses to leverage expert solutions and oversight critical for navigating Dubai’s complex tax sector. The compliance of your company taxes in Dubai is achieved seamlessly depending on Alsun Bookkeeping and Taxation Company’s multi-departmental structure. We have customized service levels from basic return preparation and advisory through full outsourced back-office support. 

We have the necessary technical expertise for e-filing portals and online systems to be able to handle your corporate tax in UAE remotely. Alsun also optimizes costs, receiving lower rates instead of forming specialized internal teams to act as your corporate tax consultants. 

Our presence in Dubai ensures familiarity with local authorities who can become challenging to navigate when you want to handle your company taxes in Dubai. We can be your one-stop shop for all solutions and consultations regarding business tax in Dubai, staying up-to-date on the constantly evolving UAE tax code and having a deep understanding of compliance requirements across different business structures.