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Most trusted VAT consultancy services in UAE

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VAT consultancy services in UAE

At Alsun, our skilled VAT consultants in Dubai are here to give you practical advice and training on various VAT matters. VAT, which has become one of the trickiest parts of taxes due to global tax processes going digital, can be simplified with the help of our VAT consultancy services in UAE.

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VAT for UAE businesses

In January 2018, the United Arab Emirates introduced a new Value Added Tax (VAT), set at 5 % for goods and services. This move was part of a broader GCC countries’ policy to expand their economic scope amidst the challenges posed by the oil crisis. 

By doing so, they aimed to generate additional revenue and reduce dependence on oil for funding. This revenue would then be channelled into improving public services and establishing a more sustainable consumption system.

VAT is necessary in this strategy, as it introduces a new income stream. The government plans to utilize this income to provide high-quality public services. Additionally, the goal is to decrease reliance on oil and other hydrocarbons as the primary sources of revenue.

VAT consultancy services in UAE

In the UAE, businesses must sign up for VAT to be recognized by the government and reach a larger market. This helps expand their business profile. If you own a business and need VAT advice in the UAE, Alsun can assist. We offer the best VAT consultancy services in UAE, ensuring your business complies with VAT regulations and operates smoothly.

Why do companies need VAT consultancy services in UAE?

Managing VAT and other indirect taxes can be a big worry for companies doing business across borders. About 150 countries worldwide have VAT or similar tax systems, each with its own local rules. Companies must have a solid plan and a good understanding of local requirements to avoid risks associated with noncompliance.

Companies provide various services and products to meet clients’ needs globally. However, keeping up with local VAT obligations in every country where a business operates is tough. Failing to grasp how VAT works locally and overlooking small details can result in significant VAT issues.

Tax authorities now share big data internationally, making it harder for companies to escape compliance. Alsun’s VAT consultancy services in UAE help your company stay compliant in the jurisdiction of your choice. We aim to keep your business informed about the latest developments in VAT legislation, ensuring it remains on the right side of the law.

VAT consultants in Dubai

How can VAT consultants in Dubai help your business?

VAT consultants in Dubai can contribute significantly to the smooth operation of your business by doing the following:


Ensuring data precision is a top priority for VAT consultants. They cross-check VAT files using advanced technology and manual reviews.

Greater knowledge:

The best VAT consultants in Dubai boast extensive knowledge about all things VAT-related. This knowledge is beneficial for beginners, aiding in understanding various VAT rates, calculating amounts, and meeting payment deadlines.


Thanks to professional VAT consultants’ long-term experience and skills, you can expect a mistake-free VAT return. This saves time and money for clients.

Minimise time:

Experienced VAT consultancy services Dubai are necessary in saving time, especially in tasks like examination, valuations, and risk calculations associated with a company.

Enable easy VAT registration & VAT filing:

VAT registration is mandatory for businesses above the threshold limit. VAT consultants in Dubai are adept at providing clear guidance on VAT registration and filing processes.

Proper maintenance of records:

VAT consultancy services in UAE assist in creating files and maintaining records, ensuring preparedness for a VAT audit. Additionally, they offer expert advice on financial matters.

Lower the risk:

An expert VAT professional, drawing from better industry experience, can effectively handle various business risks. Their guidance is valuable in reducing potential risks associated with VAT.

The best VAT consultancy company in Dubai

Alsun’s VAT consultancy services in UAE are crafted to meet your unique needs. We thoroughly analyze your business intricacies, covering services, accounting, taxation, auditing, and VAT. Our VAT consultants, well-versed in international standards, ensure seamless completion of all your VAT activities. They can help in:

  • Timely advice on VAT-related matters, ensuring accuracy and cost-effectiveness.
  • Precise guidance on adhering to VAT laws in the UAE, ensuring compliance.
  • Analysis of the impact of VAT on your ongoing projects, providing valuable insights.
  • Ensuring seamless VAT filing and processing of documents for your business.
  • Assistance in creating documents like POA and MOA for business authorization.
  • Providing an appropriate description of your business activities for compliance.
  • Receiving advice on necessary changes in your invoice structure, whether Simplified Tax Invoice or Standard Tax Invoice.
VAT consultancy services in Dubai

Our VAT consultancy services in Dubai

1- VAT Compliance

We help with accurate registration, filing returns on time, and keeping detailed records. This helps maintain compliance and prevent penalties for not following the rules, ensuring businesses run smoothly and adhere to financial and regulatory standards.

2- VAT planning and optimization

Our experts are skilled at improving how businesses handle money. They focus on reducing taxes, managing cash flow, and finding opportunities to get back VAT. By careful planning, our specialists help companies optimize their finances. This ensures businesses can handle value-added tax complexities well, leading to steady financial growth and success.

3- VAT registration

Getting registered for VAT can be easy with Alsun’s help. We guide businesses through the necessary steps, ensuring they follow the rules of the specific area. Our experts know the details well, so we can keep businesses from facing legal issues. This helps them run smoothly while staying within the tax rules.

4- VAT health checks

VAT Health Checks are like thorough check-ups for a company’s VAT processes and records. When we carefully examine these things, we can find and fix any problems, making the company work better and follow the rules. This detailed review ensures the company does what it’s supposed to do with VAT, reducing risks and making its finances run smoothly for long-term success.

5- VAT recovery

We’re experts in VAT recovery, helping businesses get back overpaid Value Added Tax, especially in cross-border transactions. Our goal is to optimize financial resources effectively, helping clients maximize returns and keep their finances healthy. You can rely on our VAT consultancy services in UAE to handle the complexities of VAT, ensuring you get refunds and improve your overall financial situation.

6- VAT dispute resolution

Our VAT consultancy services in UAE are performed through a skilled team that supports businesses in talking with tax authorities. We provide wise advice during disputes and carefully challenging decisions to ensure our clients get fair treatment. 

7- Updates on VAT legislation

We are dedicated to keeping our clients informed about the latest VAT laws. This helps them make smart decisions and adjust their business strategies proactively. When we stay ahead of legal changes, we empower our clients to navigate evolving landscapes, optimize operations, and stay compliant with VAT regulations as they evolve.

8- Customized VAT consultancy services in UAE

We can give personalized guidance and solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client’s industry and business. Our deep understanding of different businesses allows us to provide tailored advice. This ensures our recommendations perfectly match your unique business environment’s specific challenges and opportunities.

Why choose Alsun for VAT consultancy services in UAE?

Our team is qualified and knowledgeable about VAT laws, using the best tools to make your compliance process transparent.

  • As the top VAT consultants in UAE, we offer unique services with full support from advisory to reconsideration. Our comprehensive support ensures minimal disruption, whether your VAT is simple or complex.
  • At Alsun, we prioritize customer needs. Our VAT specialists can handle all accounting and compliance concerns, which helps business owners focus on core operations and promotion.
  • From registration to compliance issues, we expertly handle the entire process, simplifying it by reducing risks, calculating profit margins, and addressing every aspect of VAT services.


What do the best VAT consultants in Dubai do?

In the UAE, VAT consultants help businesses with VAT preparation, registration, and implementation. They give expert advice and guidance. Additionally, these consultants handle VAT returns and refunds. They work to minimize the VAT liabilities of taxable persons. This is all done following the VAT regulations and standards.

What types of businesses benefit from VAT consultancy services?

Businesses of all sizes and industries find value in VAT consultancy services in UAE. Whether a small startup or a large enterprise, comprehending and managing VAT is necessary for financial stability and growth.

How can VAT consultancy services in UAE help in VAT registration?

VAT consultancy services ensure accurate and timely submission of all required documents. Additionally, these services help select the business’s most beneficial VAT registration scheme.

What are the common challenges businesses face with VAT compliance in the UAE?

Common challenges include grasping complex VAT laws, filing returns promptly, accurate invoicing, and staying compliant with changing regulations. VAT consultancy services in UAE address these challenges, offering expertise and support to businesses.

How can VAT consultancy services assist in VAT planning and optimization?

VAT consultancy services analyze a business’s operations to find opportunities for VAT savings and optimization. This involves reviewing input and output tax, advising on input tax recovery, and suggesting strategies to minimize tax liabilities.

Is VAT consultancy only for businesses facing issues, or can it also be proactive?

VAT consultancy serves reactive and proactive purposes. While it helps resolve existing issues, it is equally valuable for proactive planning. This includes avoiding potential problems, optimizing tax positions, and staying ahead of regulatory changes.

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