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Trusted tax agents UAE for a worry-free tax journey

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If you’re a startup planning international expansion or an established business aiming to simplify compliances, it’s wise to benefit from tax agents UAE services. Alsun’s tax experts professionally handle your tax returns, giving you vital information and ensuring you follow all the rules. This way, you can focus on your business without worrying about tax-related hassles.

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Tax Agent in UAE

Tax agents UAE are experts authorized to help people and businesses with their taxes. They assist in preparing, filing, and giving advice about taxes. These professionals can work alone or with a tax agency or accounting firm. Their important job is guiding clients through complicated tax laws, ensuring they follow the rules, and finding ways to get the most deductions or credits possible.

Key responsibilities of tax agents UAE

Tax agents have essential responsibilities; one of their main tasks is helping people and businesses with tax-related matters, including:

  • Gathering all the necessary financial information.
  • Calculating taxable income.
  • Determining the applicable deductions and credits.

Learn more about Professional Tax Agents in UAE.

The responsibilities of Tax agent services in UAE may include:

  • Once the tax information is ready, tax agents submit the tax returns to the tax authorities on behalf of their clients. It’s necessary to ensure everything is accurate and follows the current tax laws.
  • Tax Agent in Dubai doesn’t just stop at preparing and filing taxes; he also guides how to make smart financial decisions to reduce tax payments. This includes strategic planning for investments, expenses, and other financial activities.
  • Tax agents represent their clients in challenging situations like audits or disputes with tax authorities. They act as intermediaries, helping to resolve issues and communicate effectively with the tax authorities.
  • Moreover, tax agents UAE ensure their clients comply with tax laws and regulations. This proactive approach helps clients meet their obligations and avoid potential penalties. 

The best Tax agent company in UAE

At Alsun, we offer comprehensive tax agent services to help you manage your finances more efficiently. Our team of experts is dedicated to simplifying the tax process for you. This includes Tax Preparation, where we handle your financial data, calculate taxable income, and find deductions. Filing Tax Returns is done with great attention to detail to ensure accuracy and compliance.

We specialise in Tax Planning, providing advice on smart financial decisions to reduce your tax liability. In our Representation services, we act as intermediaries in case of audits or disputes with tax authorities. Our team is constantly updated on evolving tax laws through continuous education. We proactively help you stay in compliance with regulations.

tax agents uae
tax agents uae

Alsun provides all Tax agent services perfectly and professionally

1- Preparing Tax returns:

Our tax agents UAE assist with individual and business tax returns, advising to minimise tax payments. They understand tax laws and guide you through the process, ensuring you don’t overpay. Our focus is on personalised strategies to optimise your tax situation.

2- Handling taxpayer objections:

Our tax agents UAE are pros at handling objections for taxpayers. They know the tax game well and can easily guide you through the objection process.

3- Ensuring businesses get Tax withholding right:

When you run a business, you must take out taxes from your employees’ pay and give them to the ATO. Our pro-tax agents UAE figure out how much to take and send it to the ATO for you. This way, you stay on top of your tax duties without the hassle.

4- Advice on taxation law:

Taxation law advice is something we specialise in. We assist you in understanding and meeting your tax obligations, giving you peace of mind. With our support, you can be confident that your business operates within the legal framework.

5- Business Activity Statement assistance:

We help with your Business Activity Statement (BAS). Every quarter, Our tax agents UAE automate and submit your BAS. This ensures everything is organised when the End of the Financial Year (EOFY) rolls around.

6- Installing computer accounting software:

Our experts can guide you through the installation and implementation process of popular SaaS options like Xero, Quickbooks, and Reckon. With their expertise, you’ll have no trouble getting your accounting software up and running smoothly.

7- Personalised tax advice:

We can assist you with various aspects, such as PAYG withholding liability, fringe benefits tax laws, Superannuation Guarantee obligations, and termination and redundancy payments. If you have questions about taxes, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance with your tax concerns.

Why choose Alsun?

Here are some advantages of choosing Alsun for tax agent services in UAE:

  • Tax planning strategies: Our tax agents offer valuable strategies for tax planning.
  • Time savings: Engaging our tax agents UAE saves time when submitting tax returns and meeting compliance requirements.
  • Complex computations: Our tax agents simplify complicated computations for you.
  • Up-to-date Information: We ensure prompt availability of up-to-date information on changes in tax laws.


Why should I hire a tax agent?

If you hire a tax agent, they ensure your taxes are done right and follow the laws. They also help find ways to get more deductions, lower your liabilities, and understand tricky tax rules. 

What services do tax agents provide?

Tax agents provide a range of services. They help with tax preparation, filing tax returns, and tax planning. Additionally, they offer advice on how financial decisions may affect taxes. Moreover, tax agents UAE can represent clients when communicating with tax authorities.

What information do I need to provide to my tax agent?

When you work with a Tax Agent, you need to share information about your income, expenses, investments, deductions, etc. This helps the tax agent get things right when filing your tax returns.

How much do tax agent services cost?

The price for tax agent services depends on your financial situation and what services you need. Some tax agents ask for a fixed amount; others charge by the hour. So, it varies.

Do tax agents only work during the tax season?

Tax season keeps tax agents busy, but they don’t just work during that time. They offer services all year round, including tax planning, advice, and other financial help. 

Alsun is the top tax agent company in the UAE. We offer a range of services, from tax preparation to representation. Our tax agents in the UAE make things simple for you and guide you through every important step. Whether you’re a startup growing globally or an established business making compliance more accessible, our experts accurately take care of your tax returns. They provide valuable insights and ensure strict compliance with regulations.

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